He always found a girl that would capture his attention. Never enough to actually aproach them. Lucas just preferred to watch from afar – it was better that way. It meant they stayed perfect for longer.

But eventually their flaws would come to light. They always did.

It started with the girl next door when he was 13. She was a few years older and Lucas was at that age where he began to notice the other sex. He borrowed his parents old polaroid camera and would take pictures of her in secret. It was a short lived affair as she moved away a few months later.

For a few years Lucas lived without anyone to fill the girl next doors place. Then at college he got his first girlfriend and through her met Alice. Sweet innocent Alice who was so unassuming. Never questioning how Lucas always bumped into her when she was alone and never brought up with his girlfriend these frequent “random” encounters.

Then Alice got back together with her ex-boyfriend and just like that she was never alone again. And Ryan wasn’t so unassuming. He was always asking questions about Lucas’ relationship and what he did in his free time. When all three of them were involved in a car accident it was such a tragic loss. Not for Ryan, that’s karma for driving under the influence. But poor Alice; she was so fragile and the crash proved that by crushing her lie it was nothing.

Lucas had to get away from it all and where was better for that than a busy city like Edinburgh. So much to distract you. And so many new faces.

There were a few girls from then on. But something always went wrong. That ethereal looking girl with the crack addict friends who destroyed herself so quickly by giving in to the persuation of others. Or the tall one working in his favourite coffee shop who was so nice when standing behind the counter; but bitched about her customers on her break.

Get too close and the flaws became painfully evident every single time. It’s why Lucas went back to watching from afar. Far less messy work, and less chances of getting hurt.

His newest obsession was a woman by the name of Anna. She worked in the same building as him and always wore the nicest clothes. Her style was unique but in the best way possible, she could be easily spotted in a crowd but it wasn’t like she was trying to get all eyes on her. In the summer she would wear the most lovely sun hats when out and about and in the winter she brought out her array of beautiful coats in all different colours from pale blue to vibrant red.

Anna was keeping his attention so much better than most of the previous women. He was talking online to some “like minded people” about this. He used to term loosely as most of them took it too far. And usually it was an ex they were pursuing; and they all said the same thing “they’ll soon realise I’m the best thing that ever happened to them” or “I know I’ll win them back” and other cheesy lines like that.

Not Lucas though – he didn’t want to interfere with Anna’s life. Yes, he wouldn’t mind helping her decide her accessories day to day. But that was a level of commitment he wasn’t ready for. Maybe one day but not now.

After another mundane work day he stopped at the supermarket on his way home to collect dinner. There Lucas stood debating between ready meals for one when he felt a presence. He turned just in time to see a blur of a figure disappearing around edge of the aisle.

A vibrant red blur.

The thought sent a shiver down his spine. Surely that wasn’t Anna; if it had been Anna she would have said hello, they were familiar enough with each other from work to say a greeting. Lucas used this logic to shrug off his concern – it must have just been his imagination.

Appetite suddenly gone Lucas just grabbed a tin of baked beans and a fresh loaf in case he got hungry later and made his way to checkout. It was time to head home for a relaxing evening before going round to Anna’s to check on her. It was the second Thursday of the month so she would be giving herself a pedicure and watching Love Actually with a glass of red.

She really did love that film – hopefully with the festive season approaching she would expand on her film choice because Lucas had had enough of Hugh Grant dancing in Number 10.

Lucas made his quick stop home and then began his trek to his usual viewing point into Anna’s flat. Thank God she was on the ground floor. But something was off tonight; no wine, no Hugh Grant and no pumice stone. Instead Anna sat watching some old slasher film. You would think she was in a trance as she sat stiff as a board with no reaction to the gore. He felt that same shiver go down his spine as earlier.

Something inside told him he needed to escape.

He slipped away earlier than he planned. Whatever was going on today gave him a bad feeling in his gut. Lucas just knew whatever flaws Anna had were worse than the others combined.

A sharp pain exploded through his head so suddenly he collapsed with dark spots clouding his vision. His ears were ringing. Lucas tried to turn on his back to see who had attacked him only to be stopped by a boot stomping onto his back.

The ringing in his ears faded enough for him to hear a feminine and very familiar giggle.

“Have you enjoyed your sick game Lucas” Anna looked down at him maliciously, the bat still at her side. “Because it’s my turn now, you need a taste of your own medicine.”


This is the longest post I’ve made yet on here and I’m so pleased with how it turned out I may make a part 2. I would love to hear some feedback and thank you for reading – Niamh

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