What Scares You

Halloween night is a time for dressing up, trick or treating or even just sitting in with a mountain of bulk buy sweets and scary films. A night that inspires tales to make your skin crawl. But what will scare you most of all?

Is it the strange creaking of floor boards when home alone that is always just out of sight?

Is it wandering down a dark path and hearing footsteps behind you? Or through the woods under the glow of a full moon when you hear the call of something not human nor animal.

Will you fall sound asleep when you hear the tapping at your window? Or when you feel the weight of something sitting on the end of your bed?

Going to a party where you don’t know anyone and the costumes are just too realistic. Your friend that invited you is just nowhere to be seen and everyone is looking at you with nothing more than hunger in their eyes.

Or is it the smaller things like when your pet stares at something you don’t see?

Big or small everyone has fears.

So tell me, what scares you?

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Niamh's Notes

I'm an aspiring writer and this blog is my first step to getting my writing seen. I would greatly appreciate any feedback and hopefully my skills can improve from here

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