My Dream

Sorry my posts have been so late in the month. I’ve had a chaotic time the last couple weeks but now I’m getting back on track. Anyway this isn’t so much a creative piece as a dream I had that freaked me out a while back. Thanks for reading – Niamh

I was working at a holiday resort, with a large building full of apartments for guests at the very centre and small villas on the outskirts. A beautiful beach was steps away and there were many activities to keep guests entertained.

I assisted guests with any queries they had; whether it be travel arrangements, a fault with their accommodations or just general enquiries about the area. The job gave me a lot of time to people watch. The guests varied from families with children; to elderly couples, groups of friends celebrating the end of school, couples and everything in between. What mostly caught my attention were the young women, just as they were drawn to me.

Around my age and all different in appearance and personality. Yet they could sense that we had something in common.

And that was the man.

He was well-known (I suspect he probably owned the resort or was high up) and everyone had seen him around at some point. Most took no notice of him other than the occasional pleasantry. Except the women – they always knew something was off and somehow knew to come to me for advice. And my advice was always the same to each and every one.

Do not be alone with him. Do whatever you can to avoid him. Travelling in groups and sticking to crowds was the best.

I don’t know what happened to the ones who didn’t listen.

It was easier for them though. Staff accommodations were further away from, and mine was one of the most isolated. But I got used to running home after a while. And I wasn’t along the entire way.

As soon as I was no longer in sight of anyone else they would appear. Three dogs, friendly and a great presence. Walking alongside them I felt safest. They would follow me through to my room and sleep surrounding my bed. My own guardians.

As I was lying there I looked over to one side of the bedroom and there he was. Standing there watching me.

And that’s when I woke up.

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